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Recipe Rundown: A Mega Dose

I was talking with a friend today about sanity, as I tend to do with many friends in similar life stages. Today our conversation ventured into the thing that keeps us just clinging to the right side of sanity (allegedly). For her, it’s keeping her house free of clutter. With two young boys afoot, it’s… Continue reading Recipe Rundown: A Mega Dose

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It Sounded Like a Good Idea… to Start a Podcast! (+ A Recipe Rundown)

We started a podcast! Last week, my friend Hannah and I excitedly launched “It Sounded Like a Good Idea at the Time,” a fresh, in-the-trenches dialogue about womanhood and motherhood from decidedly non-experts. Our goal is to provide topical conversation without presuming to make suggestions for ways to improve your life. As neighbors and moms… Continue reading It Sounded Like a Good Idea… to Start a Podcast! (+ A Recipe Rundown)

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Recipe Rundown: In the Dark Edition

On Thursday afternoon I was trying to convince Nora Beth to silently watch a show while Annablair and Jane Ellis snoozed, so that I could also silently lay still and nap-ish. At 1:30, all of the power went out, prompting Nora Beth to cry, “Does dis mean we have to get a new house?!” and… Continue reading Recipe Rundown: In the Dark Edition

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On Our Plates v. 82031

Doing my meal planning and grocery shopping in 2-week chunks with a smaller weekly supplement of our essentials has really been working well. It allows me to do the main shopping in one swoop at a more traditional Publix or Harris Teeter while making regular Aldi and Costco restocks for our favorites, without feeling like… Continue reading On Our Plates v. 82031